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Jason Yang

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jason Yang

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Electric Violin


Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jason Yang

1) Game of Thrones Violin Cover 2) Nujabes Tribute 3) The dark game of hobbit knight thrones 4) Skyrim Violin Cover 5) Game of Thrones (Violin Rock Cover Mashup) 6) Game of Thrones Main Theme (Violin Cover) 7) Game of Thrones violin cover 8) Game of Thrones (Violin Cover) 9) Game of Thrones VIOLIN+ROCK COVER 10) Game of Thrones (Theme Song Violin Cover) 11) Game of Thrones 12) Muse Resistance JY Cover 13) The Dark Game of Hobbit Knight 14) Skyrim Cover 15) Heartbeat 16) Tribute to Nujabes 17) Rocketeer 18) RHCP Snow 19) Nothin On You + Airplanes 20) FF13 Jason Yang 21) Otherside cover 22) Game of Thrones Theme 23) Clara and Jason Cover 24) Skyrim Violin(Cover) 25) Heartbeat (Violin Cover) 26) Skyrim 27) Resistance (Muse cover) 28) Skyrim (Violin Cover) 29) Heartbeat Cover 30) Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Violin Cover) 31) Kanye Heartless Cover 32) Game of Thrones Theme (Violin Cover) 33) Resistance 34) Akon Beautiful 35) Skyrim Theme 36) I Gotta Feeling cover 37) Resistance ( Muse cover) 38) Game Of Thrones Theme on Violins 39) Around the World 40) Muse - Resistance (Violin Cover) 41) Skyrim orchestra covers 42) Game of Thrones Cover 43) Sirens Of The Sea 44) Game of Thrones Violin Cover (Jason Yang) 45) Final Fantasy 13 - Main Theme & Battle Theme (Cover) 46) Dovahkiin Song from Skyrim (Violin Cover) 47) Skyrim Theme (Violin Cover) 48) The Devil Canon 49) Games Of Thrones (Violin Cover) 50) Game of Thrones Music

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