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Deciphering Stars

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Deciphering Stars

Artist Tags For Deciphering Stars

1) Ambient 2) Post-Rock 3) Under 2000 Listeners 4) Minimalist 5) Egypt

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Deciphering Stars

1) Into The Young Night, We Gaze and Respond 2) Before The Going 3) Surreal 4) Friday 5) They Multiply And Reborn 6) Souvenirs From Chinatown 7) Oak (Bonus Track) 8) Rhodes 9) The Whim (Bonus Track) 10) Slipped a pill through the acidic lake 11) By The Cosmic Sea, a Passerby 12) CMYK 13) At night, we escape the city (We are runaways) 14) ...of Stars at Night 15) Eyes in space, in brumal sleep 16) Disorder II (Sampler) 17) Philosophy on Leavings IV (Let's destroy everything and never come back) 18) Sleep / Swim 19) Farewell, Fellow Human (Happy Genius Sad Human) 20) For Someone, Who Meant Something 21) Mountains 22) Breathe, Run, Creature. 23) Paralysed, In a Dreamstate 24) Team 25) The Birth Of A New Day 26) it's picking up light 27) Land / Breeze 28) Untitled #1.23 29) I Never Wanted To Be More Than This 30) To the Explorer Outside and Inside (Live at Home) (Bonus) 31) Are We Misplaced In This World? 32) Signal to Part Ways (Part I) 33) in the company of ghosts (demo) 34) To the Explorer Outside/Inside (Live at Home) 35) nagron 36) L1 s 37) Are We Misplaced In This World 38) Oak 39) Safe Travels (Glowing In) 40) The Passing Train, Idle 41) Untitled #3 42) Leaving. 43) Angela's Space Serenade, Last Night 1 44) Shadows I (Happy Lunatics, Bears) 45) In The Garden Of Eden 46) Warm Escape (Sampler) 47) duex songs 48) Exit Space Morgue II (Pin on glass) 49) Surrounding: unknown 50) Warm. (Sample)

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