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Drukpa Order from Thimphu and Punakha

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Drukpa Order from Thimphu and Punakha

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Tibetan Buddhism



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Drukpa Order from Thimphu and Punakha

1) In praise of Genyen 2) exhortation to the guardian goddess of long life 3) Offering of `Golden Drink' 4) Rite to cure disease, chanted by nuns 5) processional music for shawms and percussion 6) offering of "Golden drink" 7) large 'Mani-wheel', with mantra 8) petition to Dramar 9) petition to Chakchen 10) supplication to the Buddhas 11) invoking Tshetro's blessings 12) invitation to Gonpo 13) long trumpets, "two notes prolonged" 14) aspiration to be reborn in the western paradise 15) long trumpets, 'auspicious ending' 16) long trumpets, "Throat ornament" 17) prayer for Lama's long life 18) [damaged] 'tibetan shawm' processional music 19) Lama Kusum Gi Sondep (Supplications to the Three Buddha-Bodies of the Lama) 20) Tashi Tseringmai Dzabkul (Exhortation to the Guardian Goddess of Long Life) 21) Tshetro Jinbeb 22) Duchog Gonpoi Chendren (Invitation to Gonpo) 23) Dung Chen, Gulgyen (Throat Ornament) 24) Genyen Gi Topa (In Praise of Ge-Nyen) 25) Dung Chen, Nyithu Panglep (Two Notes Prolonged to Medium Length) 26) Chham Gi Serkyem Gi Yang (Tune for Offering of Consecrated Drink) 27) Nyugne (Rite for Curing or Averting Disease, which Includes Fasting (Nyungne)) 28) Chakchen Sondep (Petition to Chakchen) 29) 'tibetan shawm' processional music 30) Druamar Chabdro Sondep (Petition to Dramar, the Fierce Red One) 31) Lay Monk Turns a Large 'Mani-Wheel' and Recites a Mantra 32) Lamai Tenzhug Gi Yang (Tune of Prayer for the Long Life of the Lama) 33) Banga Trin Trin (Processional Music for Two Shawms, a Gong and a Largish Barrel-Shaped Drum) 34) Dung Chen (Long Trumpets) 35) Bo Go Gyaling (Tibetan Shawm) 36) Dewachen Gi Monlam (Aspiration to be Reborn in the Western Paradise) 37) Tshamrol (Interlude)

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