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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lo-ghost

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South Africa

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lo-ghost

1) Night Flowers 2) I Break My Own Heart 3) Ghost in a Blood Machine 4) Hold Your Own 5) Lay Your Hands 6) You Fell Out of Dancing 7) Towers 8) The Blue 9) Lover 10) Ocean 11) Cavernous 12) Creature 13) Maybe This Would Have Been Your Year 14) I Know What You Want From Me 15) Make Believe Me 16) There Are No Gays in Chechnya (Interlude) 17) The Ground Beneath Our Feet 18) I’ve Seen All The Ghosts 19) From Across the Room, Pt. 2 20) Ashes 21) Sink 22) Super Flower Death Scene 23) Reverend 24) Projection 25) Fetch Me In The Morning 26) False Start / Late Arrival 27) Painkiller 28) We Burn Slow 29) Dead On My Feet 30) Put My Death To A Disco Beat 31) Maybe We’ll Sleep Tonight 32) This Time Has Finished Me 33) Quartz 34) We Don't Die Here 35) Wake Me When It's Darker 36) Styrofoam 37) I've Seen All The Ghosts 38) Maybe We'll Sleep Tonight 39) From Across The Room (Part 2) 40) Wooden Heart (Listener Cover) 41) Ashes (Popsicle Studio Session)

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