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Mohammed Atroush

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mohammed Atroush

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Middle East


Arabic Folk

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mohammed Atroush

1) Leh leh wa-hajiri (Why, oh why are you leaving me) 2) Anna Atarajjak (I implore you) 3) Ana Atarajjak 4) Leh Leh Wa-Hajiri 5) Ana Atarjjak (I Implore You) 6) Ana Atarajjak (I implore you) 7) Anna Atarajjak 8) Leh Leh Wa Hajiri (Why, Oh Why Are You Leaving Me) 9) Illa Leh Ya Hajeri 10) Illa Leh Ya Hajeri (Why, Oh why are you leaving me) 11) Nna Atarajjak (I implore you) 12) Ana Atarajjak I Implore You 13) Leh Leh Wa-Hajiri (Why, Oh why 14) Leh Leh Wahajiri Why Oh Why Are You Leaving Me 15) Anna Atarajjak I Implore You

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