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My Brightest Diamond

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For My Brightest Diamond

Zur Musik kam Shara Worden durch ihre Eltern, die beide Musiker sind. Schon als kleines Kind begann sie zu singen. Nachdem sie im Chor sang und Klavier zu spielen lernte, machte sie ein Musikstudium in New York. Und wie man es von Studenten so kennt, war die Universität nicht die einzige bevorzugte Location und so wechselten sich in Wordens Studienzeit klassische Oper und moderne Grooves ab. Erste selbst geschriebene Songs folgten, eine Band wurde gefunden und so begann Wordens Karriere mit Auftritten in kleinen New Yorker Bars.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For My Brightest Diamond

1) Something of an End 2) Golden Star 3) We Were Sparkling 4) Feeling Good 5) Dragonfly 6) Gone Away 7) Inside a Boy 8) Disappear 9) The Robin's Jar 10) Freak Out 11) Magic Rabbit 12) Workhorse 13) The Good & The Bad Guy 14) To Pluto's Moon 15) Bass Player 16) From the Top of the World 17) If I Were Queen 18) Lucky 19) Apples 20) Goodbye Forever 21) Black & Costaud 22) Pressure 23) Like a Sieve 24) I Have Never Loved Someone 25) We Added It Up 26) Be Brave 27) To Pluto's Moon (Son Lux Remix) 28) Lover Killer 29) Reaching Through to the Other Side 30) Tainted Love 31) The Diamond 32) Ice & the Storm 33) In the Beginning 34) Escape Routes 35) This Is My Hand 36) The Ice & the Storm 37) High Low Middle 38) Everything Is in Line 39) Before The Words 40) Ding Dang 41) There’s a Rat 42) She Does Not Brave the War 43) I Am Not The Bad Guy 44) The Brightest Diamond 45) Riding Horses 46) Golden Star (Alias Remix) 47) Looking At the Sun 48) Shape 49) Apparition 50) Golden Star (Alias)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For My Brightest Diamond

1) Bring Me the Workhorse 2) A Thousand Shark's Teeth 3) All Things Will Unwind 4) Dark Was The Night 5) This Is My Hand 6) Shark Remixes, Vol. 2: Son Lux 7) Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation) 8) Tear It Down 9) undefined 10) A Million and One 11) Stereogum Presents... OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer 12) Pressure 13) I Had Grown Wild 14) Guilt By Association Vol. 2 15) Dark Was The Night: A Red Hot Compilation [Disc 1] 16) Dark Was The Night - CD1 17) (null) 18) I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas 19) Lover Killer 20) None More Than You 21) Dark Was The Night- (1) This Disc 22) Inside a Boy 23) Gimme Indie Rock Prom 24) Champagne 25) Live at Le Poisson Rouge 26) Indie/Rock Playlist: October (2008) 27) Shark Remixes, Vol 4: DM Stith 28) Ceci est ma main 29) Dorian 30) Champagne FR 31) Indie/Rock Playlist: June (2008) 32) Shark Remixes, Vol. 1: Alfred Brown 33) Dark Was The Night [Disc 1] 34) Quiet Loud 35) SXSW 2006 Showcasing Artist 36) Dark Was The Night CD1 37) It's Me on the Dance Floor 38) Be Brave 39) Shark Remixes, Vol 3: Roberto Carlos Lange 40) Daytrotter Session 41) I Have Never Loved Someone 42) Dark Was The Night: A Red Hot Compilation 43) Champagne (dolltr!ck remix) 44) Shark Remixes Vol 2 - Son Lux 45) Dark Was The Night - A Red Hot Compilation (Disc 1) 46) Dark Was The Night: Red Hot Compilation Disc 1 47) Achoo! An Asthmatic Kitty Sampler 48) Session Planet Claire 14/06/06 49) Cross-Pollination: The Mixtape Vol. 1 50) From the Top of the World

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