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Nate Yielding

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nate Yielding

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nate Yielding

1) Osama's Dead 2) Politicians Kiss Babies 3) Meredith's Sweet Ass! 4) Eat Your Jelly Donut! 5) Hey, Mr. Butterbean/ Your Cheatin Heart 6) The Bombs are Falling All Around the Cacti 7) Blood Covered Corpse 8) Over the River 9) Gimme the Loot Remix 10) Your Face is a Coffee Mug 11) Dirt and Shate on the Floor 12) Detroit City 13) Jouer avec ma chatte 14) Shit 15) Burt Reynolds Squirrel 16) Close to You 17) DNB Project 18) Sleeping at the Office Version 1 7_10_2011 19) Radio nonsense 20) You Are My Sunshine 21) Airline Walrus 22) Your Bowel Movements Smell Like Bakery Fresh Cinnamon Rolls 23) Dopy Bunny 24) Wish You Were Here 25) Burt Reynolds Mustache Version 2 26) Beatboxing at Jesse's House 27) Flipper 28) Blue Moon of Kentucky 29) El Seviche Rolled Over His Tomatooo 30) Rock N Roll Star 31) The Cat Chases Me Around the House 32) OMG, Becky, what a fantastic Brassiere You Have On! 33) Buttfucking Midgets 34) Tara's Miserable Damn Dogs 35) Missed 36) Happy Little Lion 37) I'm an Elf 38) Fat Skunk 39) Ravens at the Playoffs 40) Talking about Murakami 41) Pale Blue Eyes 42) Hi Bugle Boy Rock N Roll! 43) Sitting in the Office and I Can't Make a Noise 44) Traveling Across Peru in the Daytime 45) Rock n Roll Star Updated March 13 2012 46) Milk N Cookies 47) My Love and I 48) Soldering Gone Wrong 49) Boogering Up and Down the Avenue 50) Elton John

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