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New Politics

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For New Politics

New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. It is made up of David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Poul Amaliel. They are probably most famous for their debut single, "Yeah Yeah Yeah". History After writing songs together for three years for their respective solo albums (which were never produced), Boyd and Hansen realised they had a group forming. In 2009, the duo sent in two of their songs ("Stress" and "Money") into the Danish National Radio P3’s Karriere Kanonen (“Career Cannon”) competition.

Artist Tags For New Politics

1) Indie Rock 2) Alternative Rock 3) Alternative 4) Rock 5) Rap Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For New Politics

1) Harlem 2) Yeah Yeah Yeah 3) Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) 4) Tonight You're Perfect 5) Dignity 6) Give Me Hope 7) Love Is A Drug 8) One Of Us 9) Girl Crush 10) Stuck On You 11) My Love 12) Berlin 13) Nuclear War 14) New Generation 15) West End Kids 16) We Are The Radio 17) Burn 18) Die For You 19) Fall Into These Arms 20) Goodbye Copenhagen 21) Die Together 22) Overcome 23) Stardust 24) Color Green 25) Just Like Me 26) CIA 27) 15 Dreams 28) 50 Feet Tall 29) Comeback Kid 30) Ozone 31) Lovers In A Song 32) Aristocrat 33) Lifeboat 34) Madeleine 35) Unstoppable 36) Pretend We're In A Movie 37) Loyalties Among Thieves 38) Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) - Live from 11th Street Records 39) Clouds 40) Istanbul 41) East Coast Thrilla 42) Tell Your Dad (feat. Rivers Cuomo) 43) Lifted 44) Holy Grail 45) Strings Attached 46) Bad for Me 47) One of Us - Piano Version 48) Therapy 49) Generator 50) Let Your Head Go/Pretend It's 1995 & Talk

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