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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Orungu

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Bwiti Cult

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Orungu

1) Danse ivanga "Ivanga Gho nganda ya" 2) Danse ivanga "Ye Mama" 3) Chant du culte Bwiti Dissuma 1 4) Danse ivanga "Yeni we gha ngonde" 5) Chant du culte Bwiti Dissuma 2 6) Danse ivanga "Azwe pila gho Mandji" 7) Chant du culte des Agombebero 8) Bwiti Dissumba cult chant 9) Danse ivanga "Ivanga Gho ngand 10) Danse ivanga "Azwe pila gho Ma 11) Song of the Agombebero cult 12) Cult chants of the Agombenero 13) Danse ivanga "Yeni we gha ngon 14) Song of the Bwiti cult Dissuma 2 15) Song of the Bwiti cult Dissuma 1 16) O mother 17) Ivanga is going to be presented to the public 18) Three Chants 19) We are on the way back from Port-Gentil 20) Danse Ivanga "Yeni We Gha Ngondè" 21) Danse Ivanga "Ye Mame"

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