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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Persefone

Persefone ist eine Progressive-/Melodic Death Metal-Band aus Andorra, die 2001 gegründet wurde. Ihre ersten beiden Alben von 2004 und 2006 wurden sehr gut aufgenommen und werden auch in Deutschland vertrieben. Mitglieder: Marc Martins Pia - Gesang Jordi Gorgues Mateu - Gitarre (Horroris Causa) Toni Mestre Coy - Bass (Horroris Causa) Marc Mas Marti - Schlagzeug Miguel Espinosa - Keyboard, Gesang (Rüdi Gannan) Carlos Lozano Quintanilla - Gesang, Gitarre (Rüdi Gannan)

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Progressive Death Metal

Melodic Death Metal

Progressive Metal

Death Metal

Progressive Melodic Death Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Persefone

1) Flying Sea Dragons 2) Mind as Universe 3) The Majestic of Gaia 4) The Great Reality 5) Prison Skin 6) Zazen Meditation 7) Fall to Rise 8) Inner Fullness 9) Spiritual Migration 10) Metta Meditation 11) Upward Explosion 12) Death Before Dishonour 13) The Ground Book (Intro) 14) One of Many... 15) The Water Book 16) Returning To the Source 17) The Endless Path 18) Purity 19) The Wind Book 20) Living Waves 21) Rage Stained Blade 22) Spirals Within Thy Being 23) Outro 24) Kusanagi 25) No Faced Mindless 26) Cosmic Walkers 27) The Fire Book 28) The Whisper of Men 29) Consciousness (Pt.1) : Sitting in Silence 30) Japanese Poem 31) Shin-Ken, Part I 32) Stillness is Timeless 33) Consciousness (Pt.2) : A Path to Enlightenment 34) Shin-Ken, Part II 35) An Infinitesmal Spark 36) Vacuum 37) Aathma Part I. Universal Oneness 38) Aathma Part II. Spiritual Bliss 39) Truth Inside the Shades 40) Aathma Part III. One with the Light 41) Aathma Part IV. ...Many of One 42) My Unwithered Shrine 43) Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold the Edge) 44) Atemporal Divinity 45) In Lak'ech 46) Sanctuary: Light and Grief 47) Consciousness (Pt.1): Sitting In Silence 48) Consciousness (Pt.2): A Path To Enlightenment 49) The Demise of Oblivion 50) Living Waves (feat. Paul Masvidal)

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