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Stella Stagecoach

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Stella Stagecoach

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Indie Pop



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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Stella Stagecoach

1) What Have I Done 2) The Great Divide 3) First Times 4) We Have the Light 5) Stars 6) Catalina Island 7) Everything You Say (Single) 8) I Can Hear the Sound 9) He Won't Stop 10) Paper Crown 11) The Night the Angels Cried 12) High Above 13) everything you say 14) Dust to Dust 15) Free of You 16) Home 17) Picture of the Sun 18) Honest Try 19) I Saw You First In The City 20) Turned into One 21) The Star Still Shining 22) City of Lights 23) Juliett 24) City of a Hundred Spires (feat. Molly Parden) 25) What Is Goodbye 26) The Path Less Traveled By 27) Path Less Travelled By 28) El Final 29) Never Give Up 30) Sun Through the Clouds 31) The Cloud Watcher 32) Where The Light Comes From 33) Pipo Dancing 34) Suitcase Song 35) Dawn of Time 36) Mystery in Flute 37) Buchenwald 38) Factory Cue 39) With the Wind 40) What is Goodbye Mastered 41) Honest Try (feat. Molly Parden) 42) Indian Piano Theme 43) The Beacon 44) The Unknown 45) Memories of Home 46) World of Change 47) I Saw You First 48) Cathedrals 49) Somewhere Over The Rainbow 50) What Have I Done?

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