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Sun Kil Moon

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sun Kil Moon

Sun Kil Moon ist ein Projekt des Sängers Mark Kozelek, der den meisten wohl noch als Kopf der legendären Red House Painters ein Begriff sein dürfte. Das Debut ‘Ghosts of the Great Highway’ wurde in San Francisco 2002/2003 mit den Drummern Anthony Koutsos (Red House Painters) und Tim Mooney (American Music Club), dem Bassist Geoff Stanfield (ehem. Black Lab), und einem Streicher-Trio vom Musikkonservatorium San Francisco aufgenommen. Kozelek scheint einen besonderen Faible für eigenartige Coverversionen zu besitzen.

Artist Tags For Sun Kil Moon

1) Folk 2) Singer-Songwriter 3) Indie 4) Indie Rock 5) Americana

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sun Kil Moon

1) Carry Me Ohio 2) Carissa 3) Ben's My Friend 4) Glenn Tipton 5) I Know It’s Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night Of My Life 6) Last Tide 7) I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love 8) Gentle Moon 9) Floating 10) Salvador Sanchez 11) Truck Driver 12) Dogs 13) Lily and Parrots 14) Pancho Villa 15) Duk Koo Kim 16) Pray for Newtown 17) Heron Blue 18) Jim Wise 19) I Love My Dad 20) Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes 21) I Watched the Film The Song Remains the Same 22) Micheline 23) Among the Leaves 24) Neverending Math Equation 25) Lost Verses 26) Tiny Cities Made of Ashes 27) Space Travel Is Boring 28) Si Paloma 29) Ocean Breathes Salty 30) Exit Does Not Exist 31) Sunshine in Chicago 32) Like The River 33) The Light 34) Dramamine 35) Moorestown 36) Lucky Man 37) Unlit Hallway 38) Harper Road 39) That Bird Has a Broken Wing 40) Convenient Parking 41) Ålesund 42) Four Fingered Fisherman 43) Trucker's Atlas 44) Grey Ice Water 45) Jesus Christ Was an Only Child 46) Tonight The Sky 47) Blue Orchids 48) Tonight In Bilbao 49) Elaine 50) The Winery

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Sun Kil Moon

1) Ghosts of the Great Highway 2) Benji 3) Among The Leaves 4) Tiny Cities 5) April 6) Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood 7) Admiral Fell Promises 8) Universal Themes 9) This Is My Dinner 10) I Also Want to Die in New Orleans 11) (null) 12) 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth 13) Heron Blue - Single 14) Ghosts Of The Great Highway Bonus Tracks 15) I'll Be There (EP) 16) The Possum 17) On Tour: A Documentary - The Soundtrack 18) Benji (Bonus Disc) 19) April (bonus disc) 20) I'll Be There 21) Benji (Limited Edition) CD1 22) War on Drugs Suck My Cock 23) The Ottawa Bluesfest Song (Live in Toronto) 24) April Disc 1 25) Jesu/Sun Kil Moon 26) Ghosts of The Great Highway (Bonus Cd Tracks) 27) I Am ZoZo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 28) April - Bonus Disc 29) April [Bonus Disc] 30) I Am ZoZo 31) Ghosts Of The Great Highway [Bonus Disc] 32) Californication - Music From the Series - Season 2 [extended] 33) Tonight the Sky (EP) 34) Among the Leaves (Bonus CD) 35) Elizabethtown: Songs From The Brown Hotel 36) Heron Blue (2-Track Single) 37) Benji (Limited Edition) CD2 Bonus Disc 38) Ghosts of the Great Highway, Vol. 2 - EP 39) Sons Of Anarchy SoundTrack 40) Tiny Cities (Bonus Live Acoustic 12" EP) 41) Tonight the Sky 42) Sons of Anarchy 43) Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2012 44) Australian Winter - Single 45) (2003) Ghosts Of The Great Highway (deluxe edition) 46) Ghosts of the Great Highway (Bonus Disc) 47) Third And Seneca 48) Americana 2004 49) War on Drugs: Suck My Cock 50) Did.You Hear The New Mixtape? (May 2012)

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