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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aurea

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aurea

1) Busy (For Me) 2) Nothing Left to Say 3) I Didn't Mean it 4) Busy - (For Me) (Bonus Track) 5) The Main Things About Me 6) Dream a Little Dream of Me 7) Okay Alright 8) The Only Thing That I Wanted 9) Scratch My Back 10) Don't Ya Say It 11) No No No No (I Don't Want Fall In Love With You Baby) 12) Be My Baby 13) Heading Back Home 14) Dreaming Alive 15) Tower Of Strength 16) The Witch Song 17) Busy - (For Me) 18) Done With You 19) Busy 20) Waiting, Waiting (for you) 21) The Star 22) How Far Would You Go? 23) Goodbye Song 24) Blind Woman 25) Look At me Now 26) Don´t You Dare to Touch Her 27) Saint And Sinners 28) Okay Alright - BONUS TRACK 29) Twice Upon a Time 30) Watch and Learn 31) Just Like You 32) Start Over 33) I Feel Love Inside 34) Don't You Dare to Touch Her 35) If You´re Good to Me 36) A Impostora 37) Killer 38) If You're Good to Me 39) I Think I'm in Love (Counting Planes) 40) Do What's Best for You 41) Something Something 42) Hold Me in Your Arms 43) Thrill Seeker 44) Do What´s Best for You 45) I Think I´m in Love (Counting Planes) 46) Listen What I Say 47) Kiss 48) The Only Thing That I Wanted (Acoustic Version) 49) Restart 50) Too Old Too Soon

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