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White Denim

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For White Denim

Biografie: White Denim Gegründet: 2005 in Austin, TX Band-Mitglieder: Josh Block, Steve Terebecki, James Petralli Hauptgenre Rock Land: USA Zusammenfassung Die 2005 in Austin, TX gegründete Band 'White Denim' hat insgesamt 3 Rock-Alben veröffentlicht. White Denim besteht derzeit aus den Band-Mitgliedern Josh Block, Steve Terebecki und James Petralli. Dabei wurde die Gruppe von verschiedenen Künstlern und Bands wie bspw. Minutemen, The Stooges und Creedence Clearwater Revival beeinflusst.

Artist Tags For White Denim

1) Seen Live 2) Indie Rock 3) Garage Rock 4) Indie 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For White Denim

1) Street Joy 2) At Night in Dreams 3) Pretty Green 4) A Place to Start 5) Let's Talk About It 6) I Start To Run 7) It's Him! 8) Drug 9) Shake Shake Shake 10) Burnished 11) I'd Have It Just The Way We Were 12) Is And Is And Is 13) At The Farm 14) Keys 15) Anvil Everything 16) Corsicana Lemonade 17) New Blue Feeling 18) Radio Milk How Can You Stand It 19) All Consolation 20) Mess Your Hair Up 21) Sitting 22) River To Consider 23) Limited By Stature 24) Come Back 25) Say What You Want 26) Mirrored And Reverse 27) Bess St. 28) Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) 29) TAKE IT EASY (EVER AFTER LASTING LOVE) 30) Paint Yourself 31) Magazin 32) Sex Prayer 33) El Hard Attack DCWYW 34) Regina Holding Hands 35) Distant Relative Salute 36) Home Together 37) Let It Feel Good (My Eagles) 38) Don't Look That Way At It 39) IEIEI 40) Everybody Somebody 41) Syncn 42) Darksided Computer Mouth 43) All You Really Have To Do 44) Tony Fatti 45) Cheer Up / Blues Ending 46) New Coat 47) WDA 48) If You're Changing 49) Had 2 Know (Personal) 50) No Real Reason

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