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Zohre Jooya & The Afghan Ensemble

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Zohre Jooya & The Afghan Ensemble

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Central Asia


Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Zohre Jooya & The Afghan Ensemble

1) Zim Zim Zim 2) Molla Mamadjan 3) Dokhtare Kuchi 4) Nuri, Nuri 5) Ai Bote Berahm (You Heartless Goddess) 6) Bahare Shaug (Joyful Spring) 7) Dokhtare Kabul 8) Ai Doostan 9) Dokhtare Bagh (The Girl in the Garden) 10) Khorshid Gouna (O My Son) 11) Milade Ali (The Birthday of Ali, The Son-In-Law of the Prophet ...) 12) Che Shawad (What Would Be If...?) 13) Khorshid Gouna 14) Dokhtare Bagh 15) Ai Bote Berahm 16) Milade Ali 17) Bahare Shauq 18) Che Shawad 19) Afghanistan: Zim Zim Zim 20) Ai Bote Beraham 21) Ai Bote Berahm (You Heartless 22) Milad Ali (La naissance d'Ali) 23) Molla Mamad Jan 24) Dokhtare Kabul (The Girl from Kabul) 25) Bachtiar: Khorshid Gouna 26) Mikham beram koh 27) Ai Doustan 28) Dokhtare Kuchi (The Nomad Girl) 29) Milade Ali (The Birthday of Ali) 30) Zim, Zim, Zim 31) Milade Ali (The Birthday of A 32) Dokhtare Bagh (The Girl in th 33) Dokhtare Bagh (The Girl in the 34) Che Shawad (What Would Be If. 35) Zim Zim Zim (Афганистан, перкуссия - индийские таблы) 36) Che Shawad (What Would Be If... ) 37) Bahare Shaug 38) Ai Doostan (Friends) 39) milade ali (the birthday of ali, the son-in-law of the prophet mohammed 40) Zim Zim Zim (Madjid Derakhshani) 41) Milade Ali (The Birthday of Al 42) Che Shawad (What Would Be If..

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