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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Iio

iiO (or iio, pronounced "eye-oh") is a New York City based dance music act composed solely of producer/songwriter Markus Moser. Former members include vocalist/songwriter Nadia Ali, who left in 2005 to pursue a solo career. iiO are best known for their 2001 hit "Rapture", the lyrics to which were allegedly inspired by a meeting that occurred between Nadia Ali and an unidentified nightclub patron. Originally named Vaiio, a derivation of the Sony VAIO laptop on which the duo was creating much of their early work

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Iio

1) Rapture 2) Is It Love 3) At the End 4) Kiss You 5) Smooth 6) Rapture (feat.Nadia Ali) 7) Chastity 8) Runaway 9) Tantric 10) Rapture (Armin Van Burren Remix Remastered - Made Radio Edit) [feat. Nadia Ali] 11) Rebel 12) Give It Up 13) What a Way 14) Be It 15) The One 16) At the End (The Scumfrog remix) 17) Rapture (Armin Van Buuren remix) 18) Hangin On 19) Is It Love (Radio Edit) 20) Poetica 21) Rapture (Riva remix) 22) At the end (sat and lee howler reprise) 23) Rapture (Soulside remix) 24) At the End (Midnite UK Radio Edit) 25) At the End (Michael Woods Edit) 26) Is it Love (Extended Club Mix) 27) Rapture (Riva Mix) 28) Smooth (Airbase radio) 29) Is It Love (Starkillers Remix) 30) Kiss You (ambient remix) 31) Rapture (Armin Van Buuren Remix Remastered) [feat. Nadia Ali] 32) Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K remix) 33) Rapture (Soulside Remix Made Edit Remastered) [feat. Nadia Ali] 34) At the End (feat.Nadia Ali) 35) Is It Love? (feat.Nadia Ali) - Radio Edit 36) Runaway (Ford remix) 37) Rapture (Radio Edit) 38) Runaway (Ford remix radio edit) 39) Runaway [Original Serenity Mix] 40) Rapture (Starkillers Dirty Girl Made Single Edit) 41) At the End (Scumfrog remix) 42) At the End (Fairlite remix) 43) Poeticia 44) Rapture (Soulside Mix) 45) Smooth (Ambient remix) 46) Smooth (Airbase remix) 47) Is it love (Chris Ortega Remix) 48) At The End (Sat & Lee Howler Remix) 49) Is It Love [Radio Edit] 50) Is It Love (Kotala Radio Edit)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Iio

1) Poetica 2) Poetica (feat. Nadia Ali) 3) At the End 4) Rapture (feat. Nadia Ali) [Armin Van Buuren Remix Remastered] 5) Is It Love 6) Smooth 7) Runaway 8) Kiss You 9) Is It Love? (feat. Nadia Ali) 10) Rapture 11) Sounds Of The City - New York 12) American Ambient (feat. Nadia Ali) 13) (null) 14) Runaway Yellow Remixes 15) Rapture (Treasure Chest Package) [feat. Nadia Ali] 16) Rapture Reconstruction, Platinum Edition (feat. Nadia Ali) 17) Dancemafia - Supertraxx Italia Numero Uno 18) Runaway [Maxi-Single] 19) Rapture Reconstruction 20) Ministry Of Sound Anthems 1991-2008 21) At The End (feat. Nadia Ali) 22) Is it Love-(MREC016CD) CDM 23) Rapture (feat. Nadia Ali) 24) Rapture Reconstruction: Platinum Edition 25) Is It Love? 26) Exit 110 (feat. Nadia Ali) 27) Is It Love Single 28) Rapture Reconstruction (Platinum Edition) 29) Reconstruction Time: The Best of Iio Remixed 30) Frank Bailey vs iiO Remastered (feat. Nadia Ali) 31) Anthems 1991-2008 [Disc 3] 32) Global Hits 2002 33) Starkillers vs iiO [feat. Nadia Ali] Remastered 34) Smooth (feat. Nadia Ali) 35) Anthems Of Ibiza 36) Reconstruction Time Remixed 37) Chill Trance Essentials Vol.1 38) Trance Anthems 2008 Disc 3 39) Chilled: 1991-2008 [Disc 3] 40) Rapture [feat Nadia Ali] Starkillers Remix Remastered 41) Runway Anthems for Fashion Week, Vol. 1 42) Ministry Of Sound - Chilled 1991-2008 Disc 3 43) The ultimate chillout [chillout 2004] 44) At The End - Remix Single 45) Is It Love? (Promo CDM) 46) Smooth [feat. Nadia Ali] 47) The Best Club Anthems Classics 48) Queer as Folk: The Third Season 49) The Politics Of Dancing 50) Orbital Mix 2

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